Download Minecraft MarioCraft AllStar Texture Pack 1.6.2/1.5.2

Minecraft Download Certainly, no one does not know Mario games. So here we have a texture pack based on the popular Nintendo game 'Super Mario All Star. We all love this classic game, and we all love Minecraft.
If you combine this together, you can imagine how cool the game is. It uses the original features and textures from the Mario games, and is also the creator WiiRool has created some brilliant blocks, the items and the crowd too which is very similar to the features of the game Mario. He used flowers from the original game, as well as stones, vines, and shrooms oh-so famous Mario. One thing that will surely beckon many people are playing Minecraft mobs.

WiiRool has done an exceptional job making it to a crowd that was given its own identity as a Mario character - for example, the pigs are made to look like Yoshi and the villagers are made to look like toads. There are many many different mobs with the Mario version of their identity!
- Features from the original game
Each mob has its own identity Mario
It re-creates the game in a similar fashion

- A few glitches, but experience a little damage
Some structures do not match with the theme
Authors should fix many of the blocks so that they do not appear glitched
Some blocks appear too bright

As you can see in the screenshot above, the quality is very good and the similarities between this game and the texture is excellent, and what's most striking in this texturepack is the mobs, and more to it!

In this screenshot, you can immediately tell that it will create an atmosphere very colorful and fun to play Minecraft. Almost all the blocks are colorful and bright, but it may not be for everyone, but the whole idea of ​​Super Mario All stars are not eccentric, colorful, bright and cheerful !

Install Texture Pack 1.6.2 MarioCraft Allstars
MarioCraft Allstars Texture Pack Download for Minecraft 1.6.2 (may require MCPatcher to fully enjoy the texture pack Author, WiiRool)
In your folder. Minecraft then the 'texturepack' folder
Then 'click and drag your download on the' texturepack 'folder
Minecraft Start, then select Texture Pack MarioCraft Allstars.
Enjoy playing Minecraft Super Mario Allstars version!
Overall, this is a very good texture pack for Minecraft, especially for those who prefer the texture pack is bright, colourfull, fun and eccentric. Need to play Minecraft to a different level because

  1.  It's Mario version
  2.  Because it is very similar to the actual game.
Download MarioCraft AllStar Texture Pack 32x32


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